Hey everyone! I thought I might change things a little and do something different this time. I’m sure everyone knows about the DC Animated Movies that are being released every year, which started back in 2007 with ‘Superman Doomsday’. Well, now that the 20th entry ‘Batman Assault On Arkham’, has been released, I’ll do a ranking starting with my least favorites until my favorite of them all.  I hope you don’t get mad or anything, but I’m just posting my opinion/rant/indifference/love towards the movies! Also, some SPOILERS ahead!!


And it is coincidentally that I start this list with the latest movie released. I’m gonna be honest with you, I didn’t like this movie one bit. Well, actually, there was a bit I liked, which was the opening scene, with Batman fighting Waller’s men. After that, it was downhill for me. Needless to say, I was disappointed that it’s not an actual Batman movie, but rather a Suicide Squad movie, which I have no interest for. Still, I gave it shot, but the characters were unlikeable, the dubstep music was to cringe for, and the dialogue was awful, since when do all the people say ‘yatzee’? And, ‘Hello, bitches’? Really?! I hated this version of Harley Quinn. Dumb, slut, annoying, etc. The other villains were boring, King Shark? Black Spider? No, thanks. If the movie focuses on the villains, at least use all Batman villains to be more attractive and more original. The only other thing I liked from this movie was when every villain breaks out. I loved specially the Two-Face cameo just for his awesome design alone. And Kevin Conroy as usual gives the movie a point by himself just because he is Kevin freakin’ Conroy. 4 out of 10.


Well, how to put it… it felt like they had multiple ideas for different movies and they compressed it into one. A Justice League origin story, a Cyborg origin story, a Darkseid invasion story… To me, that was off-putting since the beginning because Cyborg is probably the only member in the league that I dislike (maybe Aquaman too, but he’s not on this one) and that dislike is doubled by the fact that he replaced one of my favorite characters, the Martian Manhunter. Probably the only thing I liked about this movie was the Batman/Green Lantern scenes, but Jason O’ Mara as Batman was a voice I still don’t quite get into. It’s like he’s bored and tired instead of calm, serious and focused. There’s no intensity to it. So what else? Wonder Woman being a total idiot with a throwback to the Thor movie (‘I like drink! More!’) The fact that she’s a stranger to our world doesn’t mean she should have the mind of a 5 year old. Check her solo film to see her attitude done right. Also, Superman was a total jerk instead of the good hearted hero we like. I didn’t like that they put them together as a romance, that’s more of something I don’t like, I prefer by far Batman with Wonder Woman like it was done in the Justice League series. And how did Billy Batson got chosen to have his powers being such an annoying prick!? Also, Darkseid doesn’t feel intimidating or menacing as he should. Flash, luckily, survived the attempt to radically change the heroes personalities into something they’re not. It was hard to watch this movie. 4 out of 10.


I think this one’s a short review: I didn’t read the source material, I didn’t get half the stuff that was going on. It just didn’t grab me. 5 out of 10.


While this one was a little better, it didn’t grab me either. It was nice to see the classic story of the city of Kandor being transformed into a miniature, but there was nothing spectacular or interesting about this movie either. Lois’ middle finger to Brainiac was hilarious, though! 6 out of 10.


Well this one was a hit and miss constantly. What first strikes you, are Batman and Superman’s designs. They look awful. This movie was another case of a misleading title. It’s all about Kara, and ends up being a trinity movie (plus Barda) Vs. Darkseid. There’s gotta be something wrong when one of the characters in the movie’s title is not on present on the climax… Here, while Darkseid’s voice was not really good, the character was really well done and you could feel he was powerful and badass. There’s some great action scenes, but there’s also Kara going shopping… you know those moments when you have to check if you didn’t get the wrong movie? Well, that’s one of those. Contrary with the men’s designs, the women look spectacular and beautiful, considering they’re a drawing… kudos there! It was nice to see Apokolips again, with Granny and the Furies, but then those weird moments come again, when they battle an army of Doomsdays. You know that theory that says that the more villains get together, the less dangerous they are? Well, that applies perfectly here, because it took 1 Doomsday to ‘kill’ Superman, but if there’s an army of them, then they all become as good as battle droids (or stormtroopers, whatever reference you’d like to choose). So like I said, this was a rollercoaster ride between great stuff and bad or weird stuff. 6.5 out of 10


This was a Wonder Woman movie done right. Right characters, right voice actors, good stuff. So why place it so low on the ranking? It’s all a matter of taste. To me, personally, I don’t find the Wonder Woman story and myth, along all the greek gods and stuff, very interesting. I find other heroes more appealing and I like Wonder Woman more when she’s along others in the Justice League. Please don’t think of this as a anti-feminist statement or whatever, for example, I loved Hawkgirl’s story and character in the Justice League series (how awesome of an episode ‘Starcrossed’ is?). So back on topic, if you are a Wonder Woman fan, you’ll love this movie, otherwise, it’s a straight origin story for Diana, Steve & co. 7 out of 10.


The fist Batman movie released in this line of movies, was definitely a bold move to do. Consisting of 6 stories, each with different animation, but all within the lines of anime style, it was an interesting experiment. I don’t like anime (with the exception of Dragon Ball) and this movie was no different. I had never seen people look so weird as they do in the first short, ‘Have I Got A Story For You’, and I don’t like the overdetailed look in ‘Crossfire’ or ‘Deadshot’. However, the landscapes, backgrounds and action scenes they can create are very impressive. Also somewhat misleading, this was supposed to be a tie-in between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but little did they care about that other than a few small references. In the last short, when Bruce and Alfred are in Wayne Manor, all I can hear in my head is Michael Caine saying all over again ‘it will be nice when Wayne Manor’s rebuilt’. The overall story wasn’t really engaging, but the short ‘In Darkness Dwells’ is easily the best of the bunch, with a suspense build-up story in the form of a conversation between Batman and Gordon about Killer Croc that gives you chills. Sadly, it ends too fast. Overall, it’s a joy to look at, but it could have used a better story. 7 out of 10.


One of the more recent releases, it introduced Damian Wayne to a wider audience, as the son of Batman and Talia’s Al Ghul. Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable film. There are some things here and there that bothers, mainly about Damian’s strength to fight an immense Ubu and keep fighting Deathstroke despite having been cut right through his both arms with a sword (c’mon….) Also, Batman is voiced by Jason O Mara again, and his passive voice matches perfectly Batman’s incapacity to react to the fact that Talia drugged him in order to have sex and get pregnant. Really? I would be mad. Still, Batman keeps the boy (who is out on revenge on Deathstroke for killing his grand father, Ra’s Al Ghul) and starts training him and eventually becomes Robin. Kirk Langstrom, the creator of the Man-Bat, gets thrown in and it turns out an interesting mix with some great action sequences. The scene when Gordon looks at the new Robin and he can’t believe it, ‘another one?’, ‘I’ll explain later’ was great. But still, nothing spectacular. Solid 7 out of 10.


We are now on a place on the ranking where the movies weren’t bad but weren’t excellent either, so what I think of this one and most to come, is that, it’s a great movie, fun, fast, action packed and just fun overall, with nothing necessarily wrong, but nothing outstanding either. The first Green Lantern movie falls in that description. It’s a fun ride, it takes no more than 5 minutes to give the ring to Hal Jordan and it gets right in the action in the very beginning. Little time is spent on Earth, and most of the time is spent in outer space, getting to know the GL corp, more in special to Sinestro, who is wonderfully voiced by the man who knew the Titanic was going down, haha, I’m sorry, his name escapes me from the moment, but the Sinestro he pulls off is excellent, he gives Sinestro the perfect touch of superiority he think he has over everyone else. It’s a great space adventure for when you have nothing better to do. 7.5 out of 10.


While most people hated this movie, because of how different it is to the original epic comic book, I actually liked it. Keep in mind, I did not read the original comic, so that may have a lot to do. It still had a very Bruce Timm feel to it that these movies were going to start to loose in terms of character design that I love. It was the first movie that they could do some serious stuff without concerning about networks and kids, so they went all for it. And it worked great, because it was shocking but well done, not unlike more recent movies where it’s just mindless gore. Mercy’s assassination, the brutal Superman VS Doomsday fight, Toyman’s death… it was very well done in my opinion. So yeah, as usual, if a hero like Superman dies, he’s obviously gonna revive and it’s kinda corny the way he comes back, because he never really died, his heartbeat was really, really, reeeeally slow. So well, apart from that it was a very good and enjoyable movie. 7,5 out of 10.

Watch out for the final 10 on the list!

themodcheckers asked:

Did they ever make an intro for Batman: Gotham Knights/The New Batman Adventures?

I think not, they did an intro for The New Batman/Superman Adventures though, what was supposed to be a 1 hour block featuring 1 Batman episode and 1 Superman episode. You can see this intro in the BTAS Volume 4 DVD.